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KOPPACE Industrial Autofocus Microscope,2 Million Pixels,1X-14X,HDMI HD,Industrial Autofocus Microscope,Large PCB circuit board inspection,LED Adjustable Ring Light Sale
$879.99 $899.99
(33) (22)
KOPPACE 15X-100X,HDMI HD Autofocus Industrial Microscope, Universal Bracket,Support Photo and Video, Autofocus Video Microscope,13.3 inch HD display 4%
$691.19 $719.99
(100) (89)
KOPPACE Auto Focus Microscope,15X-100X C-Mount Industrial Lens,LED Ring Light,HDMI HD Autofocus Video Microscope camera,13.3 inch HD display 4%
$671.99 $699.99
(99) (88)
KOPPACE 20X-150X,2 million pixels Autofocus Microscope,HD 3D video microscope,2D and 3D free switching,3D microscope, 95mm high working distance,can take and record video Sale
$1,869.99 $1,999.99
(91) (80)
KOPPACE 3.5X-90X,Autofocus camera,HDMI HD Auto Focus Industry Microscope,Includes 0.5X and 2.0X Barlow Lens Sale
$869.99 $879.99
(88) (77)
KOPPACE 1X-14X,2 Million Pixels,HDMI HD,Industrial Autofocus Microscope,Large PCB Circuit Board inspection,LED 4-side Adjustable light source Sale
$1,529.99 $1,599.99
(87) (76)
KOPPACE 32-205X HDMI HD Autofocus Industrial Microscope, Universal Bracket, LED Ring Light, Autofocus Video Microscope, HD Electron Microscope Sale
$479.99 $489.99
(54) (43)
KOPPACE HDMI HD Auto Focus Industry Microscope,32X-205X C-Mount Industrial lens,LED Ring Light,Autofocus Digital Microscope camera Sale
$469.99 $479.99
(52) (41)