About Us

KOPPACE Is one speciali-zed is engaged in the microscope, optical instruments, machine vision, production and sales enterprises.We always uphold the principle of "high definition video microscopy techniques", always put the quality, innovation as the foundation of enterprise development, the video technology USES imported chip, SO-NY, Pana-sonic, broadly into HDMI hd technology, is committed to build full 1080P hd video output.
Because the focus, so professional.KOPPACE based on "innovation, teamwork," as the core values, always uphold the people-oriented business philosophy, to create full hd microscopy techniques, high quality solutions to provide clients with microscope and high quality products.
Honesty, customer first.This is the service tenet KOPPACE,koppace With tenacity, perseverance, innovative management style。
Professional services, in order to win-win.Our unremitting efforts, depend on customer support for a long time, all the distinguished KOPPACE has been the pursuit of building relationship with customers is not a simple "buy and sell" relationship, but long-term stable cooperative partnership.Our products will bring you to the customers the latest and best concise on-line detection, our core micro technology will bring you sincerely for the customer, fast and considerate service.According to the customer, we have perfect service tenet, one-stop professional service for you and build the most comprehensive the most economical value, we will spare no effort to take advantage of professional service for you, in order to win-win.